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College Teacher Code of Ethics

Guiding principle:

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” William Arthur Ward

Responsibilities to the students are as follows:

Teacher shall

* use only English language as the medium of instruction at English Department of AICT;

* use English to communicate with students and English-speaking colleagues at the lessons;

* direct his/her effort to assist the students to develop their professional knowledge and skills as well as English language speaking ability;

* demonstrate respect for diversity, maintain fairness and promote equality irrespective of gender, race, religion, appearance, age, or different needs or abilities;

* base relationship with students on mutual trust and respect;

* foster in his/her students, honesty, integrity, and consideration for others and shall do nothing to discredit these qualities;

* recognize that he/she should work with native and nonnative co-workers to promote the welfare of students;

* create learning experiences which engage, motivate and challenge students in an inclusive setting with a lifelong learning perspective;

* make reasonable effort to protect the students from conditions harmful to learning or to health and safety;

* act appropriately towards students exercising care in their language, gestures and attitudes, ensuring that they do not act in such a manner that is embarrassing or disparaging and ensuring that they do not use abusive language or offensive names or make inappropriate remarks.

Responsibilities to his colleagues and the teaching profession are as follows:

Teacher shall

* respect the professional standing and opinions of his/her colleagues and shall maintain in his/her relations with them the highest standards of professional courtesy;

* recognize his responsibility for his/her own actions and judgments and he shall be prepared to stand by their consequences;

* recognize his/her duty to manifest responsibility, individual initiative, and integrity in his/her teaching and other professional actions within guidelines laid down for the profession.

Responsibilities to the parents of his students and to the community are as follows:

Teacher shall

* recognize the right of a parent to consult him/her, through proper channels, on their child's welfare;

* recognize the right of a parent to be consulted about any matter which concerns the future development of his child;

* be prepared to give advice which, in his/her professional view, is in the best interest of the students;

* develop and maintain good relationships between home and AICT, respecting the role that parents have in students’ education;

* be mindful of their position as a role model to students.

Responsibilities to keep their professional knowledge and practice up to date are as follows:

Teacher shall

* do all in his ability to advance his teaching qualifications by way of attending conferences, seminars or other training as may be available to the teacher;

* maintain high standards of practice in relation to teaching and learning, classroom management, planning, monitoring, assessment and reporting;

* keep updated their knowledge of relevant guidelines and educational developments in their teaching post and role and in relation to teaching in general;

* reflect upon and evaluate their practice as part of their continuing professional development;

* be open and respond positively to constructive feedback regarding their teaching practices;

* seek support, advice and guidance where necessary.